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Related article: Date : Fri, December 3, 2009 February 13. 48 -0700 From: Brian Suddards TELUS u003csuddar40. net u003e Subject: Ben Law n 10 This story is fiction : it is sex between consenting adult males. if is under the age of eighteen years and prohibits any legislation in the country, the province or the country where you live, you must leave now. All place names on-events is purely coincidental. comments are always Lolita Pedo Fuck welcome : TELUS suddar40. net "Law of Ten " took Aaron in the bedroom and sat on the bed. After closing the door, came and sat beside him. I had hardly sat down Lolita Pedo Fuck when began hunger, suck my dick. I turned to him and in my back. that barely skipped a beat when they lick and suck his cock and balls continued. that fool could at some point the magic with her lips and tongue. I picked it up an, and brought to land straddling my body. I spread her ass wonderful cheeks and ran my tongue in his crack. As soon as my tongue touched her hole, which opened like a flower. As I slid my tOngue on it, you shivered in pleasure. I tried it and I like some of the previous n cumm in my damn you filtering. The flavor combination of Lolita Pedo Fuck me and sent me on the top n and I want to blow a big load in her mouth. After discharge, he leaned back, hole pushing down on my tongue. He continued to moan as it licked it until my tongue would go up once it turned around and took his cock in my mouth. It was only in and download it. God, he knew so well. When finished, placed in the top of my in the chest and throat, what we do. " Oh, Jerry, I love you so. " " I love you too baby. " How do we rub our cocks together were neck and soon both were hard again. I could not believe how fast you could give me. I think it s only remained soft when I was not near him. "Would you fuck me baby, or are you just here to rub my cousin? " " I thought you'd never ask. " " You never have to ask Aaron. I love you in me. " I turned to my side of aNo Aaron lifted his leg to get to me. Then, little by little I took. God, I love the feeling of his cock in me. As he fucked me he gradually hijacked my cock in time with his fucking. I was in heaven. It took a until I felt the tip of his hot cum fill me in.. when he began to tie, embraced him. " Leave it tonight in love. " N " I have to pee Jerry. " "OK. " He went and stood up. When he turned to go to the bathroom. " Hey baby, I have thirst, come here. " laughed and turned to me. I knelt on the floor and put his cock in the mouth. He emptied himself. The flavor Lolita Pedo Fuck was wonderful, your urine, mixed n with his cum and ass juices almost hit. " It's my turn. Sit on the bed, Jerry. " I sat down and he went between my legs and started sucking again. It took much s more to me, Cumm. After I blew my second round of the night, to just continue to keep his mouth on my cock. I looked down at the head looked at the black roots to show through his blonde hAir. It is simply made ​​it more sexy looking. Finally I could go soft enough that I solve my full bladder. Never missed a fall. After that, we are spoon in bed and went to sleep. saw until late Saturday morning. We went into the bathroom and have our morning ritual. Then dressed. When Aaron leaned over to remove her underwear I crack with your finger in the ass. " Jerry, I 'll go hard. " put my fingers in my mouth. " Sorry love, I could not resist those beautiful ass. " We dressed and went to the room. Ben and Sammy necking on the couch. They broke their kiss, when we went in. " should have waited for us, a few minutes, maybe we have a free show. " Aaron laughed. went to the kitchen and poured a few cups of coffee. brought and sat down. Aaron sat in my lap. I gave her a kiss on the cheek. If you looked at me, I almost melted on the spot. I've never had much feeling love to all as never before. I wonderedI have done without it. I hugged him. " Joseph and Ed called me We will pick up around noon. Lives in Cedar Canyon. Take a while to get from there to the courthouse. " "I think it is better to take the Yukon. More room for six people. " we sat and talked. Ben wanted to ask the prosecutor if we were going to must be for audiences in the city. If so, you would change our reserves. 11, 15, went to pick up Jose and I went with red Aaron sits nearby. To close, almost as if he had a hand on my thigh. happiness all the windows were tinted. Ben said, after he had seen the prosecutor , to go somewhere for a late lunch. We chose the two children y went to the center. Not one of my favorite places to go on a Saturday or every other day for that matter. Traffic was terrible, yet this weekend the driver. We reached a lot of time and went to the prosecutor. When he saw there are six of us, he took us to a major conferenceSpace. A A few minutes later, a team came in and set up multiple cameras. Shortly after two state troopers went and sat down. "OK, everyone is here now, so he began. Eric get, I will be number of questions. I want to answer as truthfully as we can. " n " Yes sir. " " After I've done with Eric, I will do the same with the rest of you to do. This will be only by the grand jury. If the current process is, will all testimony. I had thought that perhaps Eric would not have to, but was overruled by the Federal Office of Justice. " the interview lasted a few hours. When finished, finally, asked Ben when the trial would be terminated and if it could travel by land. prosecutor did not think I'd be worried. The experiment would be space for at least 6 months and probably a little more time. Currently, the only sexual assault charge against his uncle in a minor. However, for various charges are pending. In testing I have now, if convicted, which receives at least 30 years. We left and went late lunch / early dinner. I thought it would take all back to the attic after dinner. returned to the attic of about six years. Sammy and Aaron got drinks for and all sat in their usual places, Sammy n in the return of Ben, Aaron Lolita Pedo Fuck on mine. Jose Rojo and sat nearby. We sat and talked about movies and short films planned. " Lolita Pedo Fuck You think I should shave pubic hair," asked Red. " No, I do not think so red. You are looking at the camera very good. " Said Ben. " Now I know that Joseph, Sammy and Aaron shaved. " " Aaron does not shave. It can not grow hair down there yet. " I laughed. " Jerry". Aaron said, pouting. We all laughed then. Aaron did not think I blushed, but definitely darker. I just hugged nearby. " I love to have fun yourself. In fact, I think you may need tweaking, I am feeling bristles starting point. " I laughed. "I feel your beard in the ass all the time. " Aaron replied, laughing. " I gOVP all know what Jerry wants to do now. "Sammy was laughing. I knew it was all rim like. Not sure about Red or Joseph, but You will probably learn very quickly when they started making movies. N "Ben can you call us a cab. We're pretty tired of all this. " " No, I have a better idea. " He stood up and grabbed a bunch of keys from the board. He threw on the Joseph. ", take the RX7 in the garage until you can afford buying a car. You can give me an offer later. " " Oh, wow, great. " The two kissed each of us as Red and I kissed I ran my hand over the key n. Was half hard. " You can have that, whenever you want Jerry. In fact, you can do. I'm so all be grateful that I do everything for you, Lolita Pedo Fuck you are. " " Well, then red. See you both around 10 watch 00 on Monday. "Is Ben. Once they were gone, we sat and talked more about our next trip. All line of the bed approximately 11 hours. Aaron took off quickly and then took me to the bathroom. " I want to shaveJerry. Love, " " OK. " After I finished, I started shaving foam face. " Do not shave Jerry. I like Lolita Pedo Fuck the bristles on my skin. "N " You want to grow a beard? " " Oh, yes. That would be really cool. " " Whatever you like. " We have enjoyed a long session in front of 69 spoons to sleep together. We slept on Sunday night and then a long and very erotic shower together. I knew it would have to slow down or I n Aaron would use in a short period of time. had an insatiable need for love in all its forms. After tightening, , who had received a light breakfast. Ben and Sammy had gone somewhere, so After breakfast, Aaron and I huddled together. Aaron put some of your favorite music s, I was surprised it was classic. " Be Ben wanted to wear a seat in the ass Jose on Monday, but I'm n sure what kind of reaction that is red. " Aaron said. " I think we have to ask him before we go into that. " ", you can use a belt on my back, whenever you like Jerry. notand that s the first time would be, and always enjoy the best that I really difficult. " I'm not sure if I want to go to Aaron. Had hurt me very hard time. I love you too ". " What if I had a really bad? " He laughed. " Well, I could hit him, but Lolita Pedo Fuck love without straps. " "OK. " He said with a grin. Ben cried a little later and said he and Sammy wanted to go along Riverside Park, so it would not be home until four. " Want to go to a love ice cream? " " Yeah!" " Lets go". walked down the street for ice cream. He grabbed bought a pair of bowling window occasionally. Passing one of the gifts and jewelry stores, I saw a very pretty necklace with two hearts entwined. I went inside and , the seller asked if I could look. After he showed me, I asked if I could record back. Sure, he said. I had Aaron u0026 Jerry recorded it. Aaron was walking and not even know I had bought until we were out. " What did you buy Jerry?" " surprise. " " For me? " " Of course not. Sammy is. " " Jerry. " Is the host. " Yes, it's for you, but you have to wait until Ben and Sammy 's home. " " Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh "He pouted. we got closer and hugged him. We have a lot of looks from people on the street, but I just do not mind less. back in the room around 3:30, and Ben and Sammy n and at home. " Beautiful walk ? " Lolita Pedo Fuck I asked Ben. \\ \\ n " Yes, it was great. Sammy stopped and bought a necklace. I think it Aaron shows right now. " " I also bought an Lolita Pedo Fuck Aaron. We must be on the same wavelength. I have not given for it yet. " Sammy left the kitchen Lolita Pedo Fuck and showed me the necklace. Was very nice with a heart in the chest a heart in a heavy gold chain. Against his black skin, s really looked great. " " That's great Sammy. " Aaron came Lolita Pedo Fuck and sat beside me. He just looked at me. " What's going on lover? " " Where's my surprise? " "OK. Close your eyes. " Closed Aaron 's eyes and put her in the head string and land co -dependent. When he opened his eyes and saw all that he has tears in his eyes. " Jerry 's beautiful. " He jumped on my lap and wrapped her arms me. "Nobody ever gave me a gift before. " He said, sobbing. " So we will Lolita Pedo Fuck have much more love. " jumped up and showed Ben and Sammy. Then he returned, he sits on my lap and hug. I kissed her head. Sammy took Aaron and again after dinner. Ben took a few beers, and gave me a sitting. "I can not believe how much I love Sammy. I really do not know why it took me so long to see. " " Well, I do not know how I could live without Aaron. " " Ben, we need to talk tomorrow. Aaron believes there could be problems if n Red use the belt of Joseph. After the experience with his uncle, it may be too good. " " Yeah, right. we have to talk to him. " After dinner we sat and watched a movie. Hell of a long movie. It was nearly 11 before the end. We all went to the bag. There will be a timeTag morning. Surprisingly, Aaron wanted to embrace. No sex. Well, I needed a break and , neck just before spoon together and go to sleep. Aaron woke me up around 7 hours. " are about love. To prepare a lot. " we went to do the morning ritual. I realized how sexy she looked with the black roots of her blond hair. Maybe we should let the growth of pubic hair do Lolita Pedo Fuck it blonde. I said casually. " Oh, no, my friend try to bleach her ​​pubic hair. I could not get an erection to about a month, and the eggs they felt as if on fire. " " Pity you would look so sexy with blonde hair and shame. " Lolita Pedo Fuck I laughed. " But if I did, I could not have sex for a month. " "Therefore, it is not going to make love. " went and put t-shirts and shorts and went to breakfast. Sammy was already working in the kitchen. Aaron went to help. Ben helped me to set up the camera and pull the horse. Then we went to the room of my s to establish these three chambers. We checked all workedand put in in each of the blank tapes. When we finished breakfast was ready. a lunch, we discussed the plan for the shoot. It was basically a copy of what has happened to me, with the addition of corporal punishment and red. We were still not sure, would -red, tied with Jose and lost. Joseph, and red came to 10 killed 00th They seemed very good. We sat s to about the shooting, before the others arrived. When we raised the beating and the belt, both said it was fine. They said they had discussed what are each much. Although Red hated to lose, or strap, said Jose is really excited him. Ben said he decided to make a small change in the scenario. instead of red on the outside of horses tethered, that would be under handcuffed n and suck in a position to the tail of Joseph. Joseph would have both Lolita Pedo Fuck a cock -ring and Ball Stretchers therefore can not get it. " Wow, that sounds fun. " Said Joseph. " You are very hot by the fire and not in a positionoutput Joseph. I think the ball will be some pain when you end. " " That's good. Not the first time. Get going, " " Very well, two naked children in a room with Ben. Come out if Ready. " " You want us to steal ? "Asked Sammy. " No, Lolita Pedo Fuck you can wait until the rest here. " I went to the locker room and took two balls and two charging rings penis adjustable and taken away and put on the table. " Two? Ben said. " Yeah with Lolita Pedo Fuck me. I think we have two. " Joseph, and red wine naked. " Come here, Joseph. " I lowered the scrotum and provide the stretcher on them. He groaned in pain when he threw his coat. I wore the ring to the penis and squeezed it. His cock was hard instantly. When turned to the other. "Can one of those for me? " Red said. Ben laughed. I told him to get too close. When he got off his scrotum, which called, in the of pain. I ignored him and went to the ball stretcher for him. He was already hardSo I had to touch the rim more open. When I put that screamed in pain again. Ben Joseph into the bedroom and Hog -Tied with soft fists. Red helped me in the correct position on the horse and put cuffs on the sides of the horse. His head was about 3 inches from the hole tail Joseph would be fed through. " Red is when Joseph tied the horse, sucked. No to stop the show. " I said. Rang " Well Jerry. " N the bell and let our team of Sammy porn in Lolita Pedo Fuck None of the regulars Sammy and Aaron had met, at least here. I stood up and let is put in Sammy and Aaron to the other guys. The ward was very full. " Okay guys. As above, unless you get to use the belt to Joseph the ass. So a bit of BDSM, he said, along with a lot of fruits shell and suction. blow mostly to Joseph or red. red is bound by the horse. " All nodded. " boys usual pay. In addition to getting a little more. All1% of gross sales of. Also you can or not, we are moving in the studio, off the coast. If You have a production that will pay your way through our new study. " " Wow ! "Was the consensus. Sammy and Aaron were handing out beer to everyone. Ben left. N " Wow. Team very well. " I looked around all the kids. Three guys looking very good blacks, Hispanic, two Indians, four Asians, including Sammy and Joseph Aaron. Was really the shit to get started today. I eleven. " Well, Joe is bound in the bedroom. Just a little different start today. Gerald, I 'm in charge. You say that all other n the use of a child slave. You go in the bedroom and pull Joseph here. tie and then just to show how much control you have to whip the ass of his s a couple of times with this belt. After he is crying, you start to fucking both ends. Remember cumm outside the body, if possible. Customers love cumm see too. " " Thank you, Ben. How hard can you hit ? "Said Gerald. " Well, I would not go too hard. Do Lolita Pedo Fuck you want a few squeezes before starts to mourn. Home you always begins in the mouth by Gerald ". Ben and I started all cameras. I went into the bedroom and became are the two cameras. Lolita Pedo Fuck " show time of Joseph. " I said. " OK". I went back into the living room. Gerald started his short speech. " Guys, I have that we use a slave for the weekend. You may wish you all take him. " Gerald began to take off her clothes and followed the other. Sammy and Aaron stopped. " What's going on guys? " " Now I do not know what to do. " " undress and play. Not that they were naked in the n front of anyone. " Both children quickly left. Both were hard as stone. Gerald entered the bedroom and returned with a fight Jose. Two of the other helped him tie with Joseph in the horse. Red hesitate to start sucking. I went and beat him easily. n " Suck Young. " Red Lolita Pedo Fuck started sucking cock of Joseph. ", I willThey taught me not to fight boy. "Gerald said. Gerald took the belt and hit hard several times Jose 's ass. No hard but hard enough to cause turn cherry ass. Was then No two real tightly. As Joseph opened his mouth in a scream of native boy put his cock in her mouth of Joseph. He went from there. there s always a cock in her mouth and another in the ass. Soon the horse and the n were covered with red dripping cumm. Joseph in the ass and face were also covered. Both Sammy and Aaron took Joseph and Aaron did sucking cock at a point of. I decided to watch. Ten was enough. Ben used the Handi -Cam lot. capture cumm n bubbles from the mouth of Joseph and the ass. Curse was a real show good. Finally, everything seemed to be fucked out. Gerald Joseph was separated from the horse and told him to come Prune. moved from red to help. tail red and Joseph were almost blue from the hard continuity. I Gerald eliminate the limitations of red and Joseph. Sammy aAaron fell just d and prolonged. " Cut. Wow, what types of shows. " All patients underwent complete and placed in the vicinity of the earth. All but Sammy and Aaron. They were still hard. "should not be beautiful, so young. " Laughed Gerald. Aaron went and sat Lolita Pedo Fuck on my lap. "I'd be the one on the horse. " He said. " Maybe next time, love, if you get tired of me. " "I never tire of you Jerry. Just wish that sometimes, when I see that horse of all these people are screwed. But I do not want, because I love too Jerry. "n " I love you too baby. "We just neck. " Damn, you're a lucky man Jerry. " Said the Hispanic guy. " Thanks to Jimmy. I know I am. " N Each hit the showers and then went and sat down. Both types have beer for all. " How do you feel about Joseph ? " Ben asked. " Great. The last part I loved best. I love the taste of cumm. " We sat and talked for a while and then all the other left. Ben assured them of their money would be transferred to your accoUNTS next day. " What is the purpose of Joseph? " I asked. "OK. I wish I had made ​​it more difficult from the beginning. " " shows Joseph, you really have to see what could come. There are several studies only orders BDSM and CBT. that can damage very badly in some these places. " " Ben. You Studio is the only red and you want to use. You are the only we trust. " " Well, I think we have to give you about when n is fulfilled in our location again. " " OK. 's okay if I go and red n ? " " Sure. has a couple of guys great night. we speaking, before you fly. " " Do you think we should order pizza for dinner tonight? in view of the s happened last time. "Ben laughed. " Sure, why not. Maybe lightning will strike twice. " Ben ordered the pizza and it was delivered, which was a much older man Ben \\ \\ s paid him and then enjoy a good dinner of pizza. Nice change for the children of. Ben said he would edit the film tomorrow and short of the night, Red here. He had noticed the shoRT -red on the Internet as an Introduction. The decision, we have an early night. Aaron told me he wanted a quick shower to wash all the rest of it. listening. " Hey, I love do not care. I've tried everything before. Well all except Joseph, , but I'll love that nice and clean. " " Jerry , its so bad. " " Hey baby, wanna be bad for you all the time. Now lie down and let in this beautiful tail. " Aaron Flooped in bed and he plunged to his tail. Lick and suck. grabbed my ass and actually around him. He said he was ready to Cumm so it fell back on his tail. Blew a nice load and then picked it up slowly and kicked him. I fucked him slowly, with long slow strokes. that s just closed my eyes and enjoy. Every time my penis was beyond his gave a shriek of joy little prostate. It was not long for Lolita Pedo Fuck me , are inserted into the top. His manipulation of my cock with her ​​ass muscles I turned to blow. He almost fainted when I filledI love him with my juice. I broke over him and kissed. As I turned around, came out of it. that turned and dove into my cock. I went around and took him away. We then 69'ing had throughout the session. In fact, when we both shot a second time, I s only her eyes closed. I fell asleep exhausted by the long shot and double day. I woke up with Aaron slowly slides his cock in and out of my throat. " Damn Jerry, I tried to wake up for almost an hour. " " Maybe I was awake and enjoy the love. " I had to pee. His mouth was about two inches from my mouth. " I hope your ready. " I Lolita Pedo Fuck forced his mouth on my penis and began to pee. was not willing to splurge and others, and his lips on the leaves. " Hey, not the leaves. " I beat her ass hard. The impact of my suddenly opened his mouth open and pour. So I hit a couple of times. That brought to their attention very quickly y he pressed his lips around my cock. It was also very hard. I sucked his cock s in the mouth and at the same time Lolita Pedo Fuck gave him some blows more. I was rewarded when it exploded a huge load in my mouth. drink my urine was all over, then looked at me. The view was one of the love pure and unadulterated. " Oh, Jerry. I have to remember to do it more often. " " probably not love. I love it, piss on my hand. Do you prefer your cumm. " \\ \\ n pulled me out of bed and bathroom. We finished our morning dress y rituals. Ben and Sammy were having coffee, when we out. " Oh, I love you birds decided to get up over time," said Sammy. After a cup of coffee, I was ready for the day. we had at the airport located at 6 o'clock Friday, so we had four days to get ready to exit. I told all the guys to give me their passports, and I would go, to ensure that our visas were in order. Ben said he was going to change everything and to get to the dealer. It took over on Monday. Tuesday, we have ensured that had everything packed and ready to go. We also booked a Lolita Pedo Fuck lim4:30 clock or n Friday. Wednesday brought us travelers checks and cash for the trip. that had Joseph and red for dinner and then gave copies of the film and short, to be in Ben saw that the security deposit for the film, were deposited in their accounts. Thursday only have slummed all day. Both Ben and I set our alarm clock to March 30. When started, I really did not want to move. Aaron had actually worked in the queue at night before. Aaron took me out of bed. Once in the shower, I went out full to get attention. After our usual ritual, dressed for the trip. I had told the two children, , to wear something comfortable and loose. It would be almost 14 hours to be we were there. And on Saturday. I fighters and cargo pants, a shirt and a light cotton shirt. with corridor, I thought it would be convenient for travel. We were almost all dressed the same. Aaron dressed exactly like me and Sammy was the same Ben. After coffee, we drove up to the sedan. The ride to the airport wasbegin fairly quickly without sex. Check -in took almost an hour, with all are the new security controls. And this was just the first. This flight is leads in Vancouver. So there are clear customs and security checks before boarding a flight to Japan and the Philippines below. I'm so glad Ben made ​​a reservation first class. Now Business Class to Vancouver. But it was good to have the extra space. Both boys were in heaven, as we flew. The flight to Japan was a model 747D. Very large and very comfortable. JAL went all out to pamper first-class customers. Both boys have been surprised had set the back seat into a bed and night. Although he could not play about, that could hold hands while we were sleeping. We landed at dawn in Japan After a short wait for loading and unloading passengers went to Manila. I was very surprised at how quickly cleared in Manila and even more surprised when he told a customs officer that our limousine waiting outside. The ride to our hotel was long and tiringAfter 14 hours of flight, but the boy was all new and constantly traveling in search of the way in terms of. The suite was done in our hotel when we booked in we were in a penthouse with two bedrooms and a full living room. Ben and I wanted to sleep until the set of jet lag, but the two boys. They wanted to go and explore. " You are going to kill the old, if you do not succeed on the floor. " Said Ben. The two laughed. The two boys decided to cool for a day. They slept with us when we try to to reset our biological clock. Now suck and fuck really helped me, and that gave us a night 's sleep. The next day we met with the realtor and ready to fly the island we were on the lookout. He told us he would pick up the next morning ten. The rest of the day we explored Manila. Both children said is a lot of guys seem to be sold. Some were very good looking , although it also looked very young. After another long daythat retired to our suite, we ordered room service and hay. Aaron was all over me when we were in bed. To me there is no difference. I loved him as much as I would do anything for him. The agent met us in the lobby of exactly 10 hours. They put us in a limousine and him to the airport where we board a 700th Learjet He told us that is not the island on a track. We will land on the pitch and board a helicopter for the journey to the island. The unit in the country was endless panorama of the green forest. Tone was like a diamond in all green areas. It looked like a popular tourist destination. There seemed like hundreds of yachts in the harbor. landed and climbed into a Bell - 208th excursion to the island lasted almost 30 minutes. The agent explained that it is about 40 km from the mainland. What appeared to be produced on the island is breathtaking. TBC
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